Where Can I Get Cheap Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is a type of commodity that everyone has to buy but never wants to use. So looking for cheap auto insurance is constantly on people’s mind. However, shopping for auto insurance isn’t a fun task. It involves some basic knowledge, strategies and patience.
The good news is—it’s totally doable! Below are some tips that you can follow to save money on auto insurance.
1. Get quotes regularly
Many auto insurance companies have six month policy, which means your policy will be reevaluated and renewed every six month. This is the perfect time to shop around.
Go to some quote comparison websites, or call the companies to inquiry the price. Sometimes you can’t find anything cheaper, but it’s still better than falling into the trap of retaining the same policy for years.

If you keep a good driving record and pay the bills on time,  your auto insurance premiums should decrease as both you and your car ages. However, some companies still increase the rate because of reasons out of your control. Shopping around is the smart way to get a better idea of what the market price is.

2. Choose coverage wisely

Here you should understand some coverages. Some of them are mandatory while some are optional.
If you own an older vehicle, liability coverage is absolutely mandatory and all you need. Liability coverage means when you are involved in an accident, your insurance will be responsible for the other party’s vehicle damage. Even though it won’t be able to cover your car, if the damage to your car is more than it’s value, normally you will just get rid of the car instead of having it fixed, right?
Increase your deductible if you are really tight in budget or want to get a lower premium. Higher deductible means you are responsible for more out-of-pocket expense before insurance company step in. Higher deductible means lower premium, vice versa.  
Be careful, though, when you have a teenager or new driver in the policy, because it increases the risk of your car getting involved in an accident. You don’t want to end up paying a lot of money to fix your car. 
Many insurance companies also offer rental reimbursement coverage. Do you really need it? If you have a second car or an agreement with your dealership, the chance you will use this coverage is low. So save money there even though it’s not expensive.
3. Take the Defensive Driving Course
This course can be taken online or in local library. It’s only a 6 hour course and it can save you as much as 10 percent on your auto insurance premium. Check with your insurance company to see where they offer this class. Usually they have affiliated partners to conduct online courses. All you need is to pay for the course online and take the entire course within a certain limit of time. Then you will be mailed a course completion certificate, which you can send to the insurance company. Remember this course has to be retaken every few years, otherwise it will expire and you’ll lose the discount.
4. Take advantage of the multi-car/policy discount 
Many insurance companies offer multi-car or multi-policy discount. If you own multiple cars, insure them with the same company. If you only own one car, consider getting your life, or home insurance at the same place.
5. Maintain a good credit and communicate effectively

Try your best to establish and maintain a good credit score. You’d be surprised at the savings because of your good credit history. Think of it this way, the insurance company has to pre-evaluate the risk involved if they insure you and your vehicle. If you can lower the risk anyway possible, the insurance company will be happy to give you the most competitive rate.When you talk to an auto insurance agent, express all the reasons that you should qualify as a low risk. Do you drive the car for pleasure only? Does your new car have security devices? Do you have a private garage to park the car? Is the car used more often only during a specific time of the year? It doesn’t hurt to mention these if applicable.